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Tennis Gold Coast

Tennis Gold Coast coordinates Inter-Club Competitions (Fixtures), Tournaments, Shield Days & Inter-School Challenges for Tennis on the Gold Coast. Tennis Gold Coast holds the lease of the Queens Park Tennis Centre, 19 Queen St, Southport. Managers are appointed to run the Tennis Program / Court Hire at Queens Park Tennis Centre.

The Gold Coast Tennis Community is very proud of our present “Gold Coast Bred” Tennis Champions in Samantha Stosur and Bernard Tomic. Both Sam & Bernard have played in many Tennis Gold Coast tournaments throughout their junior years.

Committee Members
TREASURER : Stephan Kua
SECRETARY: John Dickson
- John Birrell
- Wayne Hawker
- Joshua Ryan
- Gavin Vickers
- Daryl Macklin

Sponsorship Opportunities
Tennis Gold Coast strives to provide opportunities for everyone in our community to participate in healthy, safe and inclusive tennis activities in a fun and family oriented environment. As TGC is a regional tennis association, major source of revenue is generated from membership fees, event activities and donations received from generous individuals & businesses. Funds are then reinvested into the association for the benefit of all members.
If you would like to Sponsor Tennis Gold Coast, please contact the office.

Background & History

Tennis Gold Coast held its 100th Annual General Meeting in 2014 making it one of the longest running sporting associations on the Gold Coast.

The ‘Logan and Albert Tennis Association’ was the first ‘official’ organisation formed in this area and was established in approximately 1911. In 1926, records state a meeting of this Association was held at Beenleigh, with the President at the time being RJ Webb along with committee members GA Jackman and MJ Sullivan.

In 1928, the Association met in Southport for the first time with RJ Webb as Patron and MJ Sullivan as President. In June 1928, due to a change of Shire boundaries of Southport, Nerang and Coomera, the Tennis Association then became the ‘Southport and District Tennis Association’.

In 1929, the first annual general meeting under the name of Southport and District Tennis Association was held with MJ Sullivan as President, SE Foreman as Secretary and GA Jackman as Treasurer.
The Association was later known as ‘South Coast & District Tennis Association’ and then with the official town change of name it became ‘Gold Coast & District Tennis Association’ and then more recently became known as ‘Tennis Gold Coast’.
Queens Park Tennis Centre was officially known as ‘Steve Foreman Memorial Courts’ in memory of Steve Foreman who was the Association Secretary from 1928 to 1950.

There were only four courts at Queens Park in 1948 with two clubs operating there, the ‘Wattles Tennis Club’ and the West End Tennis Club’. A few years later another four courts were added.

In 1954 and 1955, the Touring Professional Tennis Group, which was developed by Jack Kramer from the USA, played a number of Exhibition Matches at Court One at Queens Park. With wooden stands, about eight rows high being erected on all four sides of the court, the world’s best players at the time, Pancho Gonzales; Pancho Segura, Frank Sedgman and Ken McGregor were a part of this touring group. Money that was generated from those exhibition matches paid for the ‘Original’ Queens Park Clubhouse that is still in use today. The previous old small clubhouse was removed and is now a part of a house in Egerton Street in Southport.

In the days when tennis was not accessible on television, Queens Park played host to many exhibition matches with some of the top Australian and International players including the ‘Australian Davis Cup team in the late 1950’s’, consisting of Lew Hoad, Ken Rosewall, Neale Fraser an Ashley Cooper.