Dear Members,

As indicated at the February 2023 AGM, the TGC committee has embarked on a process to review and modernize the current Constitution.

We hereby give the required 14-day notice for the Special General Meeting (SGM) scheduled for 20th November 2023, at Queens Park Tennis Centre, 19 Queen Street, Southport, at 7:00pm.

Find below, the updated Registered Rules and Constitution of TGC Inc. with the final proposed wording.
The proposed changes/updates are in BLUE, and the explanations/changes are in YELLOW
Document Name: "TGC CONSTITUTION.DOC with recommended changes – 05-11-2023)"

Special Resolution / Motion:
That the Registered Rules and Constitution of Tennis Gold Coast Inc., be amended in accordance with the text highlighted in the attached document named "TGC CONSTITUTION.DOC with recommended changes – 05-11-2023)".


Mike Ford
President TGC

DATE SET FOR EGM/SGM: 20th November 2023, at Queens Park Tennis Centre, at 7:00pm

There are TWO documents to review.
Name of e-Document:
TGC CONSTITUTION.DOC as registered at OFT on 25-02-2004 - with explanatory notes.
There are two parts to this Document:
Part 1: Changes applied for at the Office of Fair Trading on 11 May 2004
Page i: Form 8 of Queensland Associations Incorporations Act 1981: Application to
Register amendment of Rules.
An application was made for changes to rule 4.7, 5.2, 6.1 and 19.1.
(Note that the number 19.1 was typed in error and should read 28.4)
Page ii - iii: Extract of the minutes of the meeting where the Constitution changes were finalised.
Page iv: Statutory Declaration for Change of Rules (11-05-2004)
Part 2: The completed historical Constitution of 31-01-1990
Included in the document: On page 17 is an amended number 28.11 which appear to be a
paper flap over ‘sticky taped on’ addition to the 1990 constitution which hides Rule 29, that
would read:
29. Documents: The Executive Committee shall provide for the safe custody of books,
instruments of title and securities of the Association.

Name of e-Document:
TGC CONSTITUTION.DOCwithrecommendedchanges-05-11-2023.
Current Constitution as reviewed by the committee, with the original wording to be
changed/updated in BLUE and changes and/or explanations in YELLOW