Tom Ferguson Shield Day

To be held at Beenleigh Tennis Club.

Shield Day held between, TGC, Beenleigh, Redlands and Beaudesert. Event consists of Mens Doubles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Each region selects their team. Venue for each year is rotated between the regions. 4 Grades: Open; A Grade; A Reserve; and Seniors. Held in August each year.

The format is as follows:
There are four players (two ladies and two men) to each grade.
The event is held with 4 grades (Open, A Grade, B Grade, and Seniors). There are no singles matches.
In each grade, there is a mens doubles match, a ladies doubles match and two mixed doubles matches played against each district. You play 3 districts (i.e. for a Tennis Gold Coast Player you will play Beenleigh, Redlands, and Beaudesert) on the one day.
So, each player plays 2 matches in each district, therefore a total 6 sets all up.
The scores of each grade are added at the end to find an overall winner (sets initially, but if there is a tie, then games).

Perpetual Shield
Since 1995
2015 Gold Coast
2016 Beaudesert
2017 Gold Coast
2018 Non-Event (due to rain)
2019 Non-Event (due to rain)
2020 Non-Event (due to COVID)
2021 Non-Event (due to COVID)

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